COMACO recruitment services place professionals with legal experience at law firms and corporate law departments in both direct-hire and contract positions. Our employers are looking for legal recruitment to help with everyday caseloads as well as temporary help for special cases. Job seekers of all legal backgrounds and skill levels are valuable for our legal staffing services. COMACO staffing professionals focus on positioning legal professionals on a contract and contract-to-hire, as well as servicing job-seekers and employers with direct-hire legal roles.

COMACO administrative recruitment services offer a variety of positions for job seekers looking for temporary and direct hire positions. Whether you’re searching for a receptionist position or a sales job, our staffing and recruiting professionals offer a comprehensive list of employment opportunities throughout the country.

Our vast inventory of jobs can be time consuming. Here are a few tips to consider when starting your search:

Know your requirements

Every administrative and clerical job listing includes top line information including location and salary details. If any of this information does not match your requirements, move on to the next listing.

Know your credentials

If your skills are not in line with the job’s requirements then find another opportunity more suitable. COMACO wants to place you in the best position for your needs. Look for a position that matches your previous line of work but will also challenge you to improve your skills

Know your goals

Our administrative staffing services are successful because we effectively align the needs of our employers and job seekers. Apply for jobs that promote your current needs and future career goals.